Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The Parkinson's/protein manipulation machine update

I just edited my recent post on the Parkinson's/protein machine concepts. Related to this I have been told there are some good people out there who have made a prototype of my original idea on the Parkinson's machine out there, I want to help them do things the right way, I'm happy to help, I care to show my way is better than that of MI6 and the CIA...Peace and prosperity go hand in hand for more than one reason.

These people could beat the Americans to building this machine as the second I had the idea and realised what it could do I just went and put it up online, lol, I knew it was worth billions as well, I wasn't having John Sawyers selling it to the CIA so I sat there and asked MI6 if they dared me to press enter, I then said 'Ha' and pressed enter. Hehe, it was the most wasteful thing I've ever done, just giving an idea worth billions alway...I must admit; it felt ace. I got told it boiled down to one week  people getting the prototype made.

And to think, this machine was sitting right under the CIA's nose all the time, for fifty years I've been told this machine was possible to build. For seventy years the CIA have experimented on good American citizens (and maybe abroard), a lot of the time with frequencies, it must really get on their tits about this one. It just goes to show you guys in the CIA, you've either got it, or..... (Just like the Parkinson's machine) you just ain't. /Waves Damion

My old Facebook cover I thought I'd share with my readers-

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