Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A post related to the referendum

I was meant to post this some time ago, I just found it in my editing tray, better late then never. 

I want to explain a bit about my position with my referendum post. People might not understand my position still believing in my country, after all that has happened. Something has gone wrong in our government, a lot of the time it just simpily hasn't  acted in our countries best interest, they've even gone against some of the things our country holds dear. I had a very good primary school as a child (Burlington school), they taught me a lot about my country, from innovations that have come from our country that have helped shape the world to fighting the Nazis for a free world. I grew up in a country I was proud of. Over the past ten years something has gone seriously wrong in our government, its given up on what we stand for as a country- fighting Nazis, Briton's not being slaves, stopping human experimentation, holding morality in high regard, the British sense of fair play, and exporting our good ideas round the world. Since Blair made his decision to become part of the CIA to get rich our government went wrong, he sold all the results from my hypnosis on to get rich, he sold what was not his to sell I think. It's like a direct attack on who we are as a people some of what's happened, were in an invisible war that people don't know to fight, in fact our enemy relies on this. 

David Cameron isn't an option for me, I think he's gone (the CIA control him). Also I won't work for evil people, giving wars can go different ways because of things like Spectral hypnosis. The day David Cameron sold my semen on to flood the market with Theta semen to limit the autistic abuse he'd heard of is the day he stopped being a prime minister of Great Britain for me, I'm sure the people of Great Britain would stand by this also.

All I can do is try get enough support and in a better position, show the world were a good country that has just got the wrong people in power. I won't stop trying. 'Through endurance we conquer'. Damion

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