Friday, 19 December 2014

An exercise for Spectral Hypnotists

I have another exercise for my shrinks out there...

Go to the other world, a deep state may help. I want you to imagine your stroking your favourite pet, it doesn't matter if it's alive or not. Feel your hand running down its back, feel it's fur, stroke it how your used to doing. Now look at what your imagination has just created, you should be able to see some energy. Now I want you to gently move/manipulate the energy outwards, this should feel a bit stroking it still but in different places. You should have the EMS of your pet there in front of you. If you want proof this is really  your pets quantum nets then make the field your imagination has made bigger very very slowly, use indirect concentration (where you look away from what your concentrating on), then just examine the net, see what's there. 

This is how I learnt the frequency of lamas (lol) in my previous post, sometimes my hypnosis is strange indeed. I'm now sat stroking the ear of whisky, my friends pet gerbil who died, it seems I have a new hypnotic pet. Damion

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