Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Peadophile ring update

There is the main Peadophile ring in mi6, they have a son of mine held at a gypsy site somewhere in the UK, they call him Phoenix, I've been told he has heard of me and wants to meet me. I don't even know how to think of that. There is also a group of agents trained as psychiatrists, some are Peadophiles, they have a son of mine and are trying to recreate my ability with hypnosis. One of there number is a short girl of around 50 with dark bobbed hair. One is quite fat male and of medium height in his 50's, he's here now. Paris is one of this click in mi6. Some others who are protected status also have children of mine I'm lead to believe. Apparently one in 6 of my children is male, I wonder what happened to my daughters. MI6 have tried to get me to stop using the term battery children for what some of my children face, I think it may become a widely used term. Damion

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