Tuesday, 30 December 2014

An update on an update

I recently updated my post when I learnt the frequency of lightning, i wanted to add about what I was listening to out in the storm in my smoking shelter I was hoping might be a good faraday cage. I just thought it would help put my readers in what I write a little listening to it. I think I changed the date on my post though. It's annoying, I wanted it to record the time. I think all lightning strikes are recorded so it's possible to know which strikes I learnt from, the first a few weeks earlier was one mile west from the ward, on that day it was four miles east. If any of my readers have the time and date saved let me know sometime :-) Damion 


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  2. Thank you, thanx for taking an interest. I'm hoping your a regular to my blog, a pleasure to meet one of my readers. /smiles warmly Damion