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The story of 'That Guy'

I like putting little story's of what's happened in my life on my blog sometimes, my real life short stories of what's gone on, they are all things that have really happened like everything else in my book but are little stories that could stand alone. They are also bits I want to make sure get out to the world, I keep most of the goings on and events in my life secret, my hypnosis will generate press interest worth many billions at some point and I think the CIA have a big interest in it for some reason. I have another one of my short story here to share with my readers and the world, it's a story that always makes me smile...

This particular story happened because of an idea, in fact it was because of two ideas. Two ideas someone decided to take on, two ideas they took on and decided to act on, not only changing their own life, but also the lives of some others, others who weren't in such fair circumstance...

The short story of 'That guy'
(An extract from the authors life story 'the story of the first spectral hypnotist')

It is Christmas 2012, I'm still fighting for my life, I'm still fighting against MI6, life is still a fight. I'm still trying to find help in regard to all the advances in hypnosis that have come from me. I still have the bug in me... Being a telepath on the wrong end of a secret service hasn't turned out to be easy.

My mind isn't a quiet place, my autistic side means I think, or is that talk all the time, on top of that MI6 make my mind feel like a telepathic chat room. But to tell you the truth I kind of like having a busy mind. Today I am to find someone new from MI6 appears online in my mind. This new guy is an agent in his late twenties, he is slim, he seems to be about 5'10 or so.

Paris, MI6's empty souled psychiatrist is still in charge of all the experiments they do to me day and night, he soon has this new guy do his experiments for him. In a world of imagination like what my hypnosis creates you can do anything, the idiots in charge of this think of all kinds of unpleasant and usually useless experiments to do. The new guy does what he's told and starts to hassle and abuse me, my life is a long fight still. Still, me being me I try get through to him, we even sometimes get on and he laughs at my stupid jokes I like to tell. I do try find good in him, it seems an important thing to me not to give up on people. I just try to get him to not want to do the abuse even if he has to do it. For a year this all goes on, this guy follows what Paris orders, I get experiments but I still look for him to be a better person. One day something happens out of the blue, something changes, a simple idea takes hold in his mind.

I was trying to teach him something, something I found I had to learn in some of the hardest times in my life facing a trauma, before I got involved with all this, it is an emotion, but it's more than that, you could easily dismiss it as nothing or inconsequential, it's an idea or maybe mentality is a better word. I had to learn this to overcome what I was facing in my younger days. I show him first what if feels like if something gets under your armour as I put it. With hypnosis I move my hand to a few inches inside the pit of his belly and tap upward with a gentel little punch, I say that's what it feels like if something gets beneith your armour. He doesn't like the feeling it creates.

Now I show him how to overcome this, I go to show him an emotional exercise, I call it the 'inner strength' exercise now a days,Ii show him what I learnt. I find I use this exercise often, I'm sure this technique is similar to Tai Chi works, a master would perhaps know of very similar techniques. I demonstrate my emotional exercise to him, I let the emotion flow up from two inches back, deep down in my belly, up the Center of my chest and up to my chin that it pushes up slightly. I look at Paris and say my usual 'screw you Nazi's' when I do my excercise. For some reason a) I always say this and b) it alway feels kinda good. I show the guy this, I try to get him to try the same, I'm sure it's an emotion he really needs, for some reason I'm sure it will help him a lot.

I tell him to try the exercise, men are all about outer strength, he has strength on the outside, but sometimes its strength on the inside that you really need. Inner strength comes more naturally to females, outer strength comes more naturally to males (they are to do with feminine (Delta&Theta) and masculine (Alpha&Beta) energy in the mind, inner strength is a feminine energy. The feeling or idea you could say in the exercise I'd descrIbe as being based on the mentality that sometimes you just have to give the whole world 'the birdy' and just do things your own way.

The guy decides, he actually decides to try what I showed him, Paris and PR don't have a clue how powerful this exercise can be at this point or they would stop it right here and now. He tries my exercise. I see he is holding himself differently all of a sudden. He turns towards Paris, says 'Screw you Nazi' and slaps him around his head. Me; I think this is ace, lol, I finally had got him to join in my 'stay sane' game I had devised; the game was simple; you manage to slap Paris round the head and you get a point, and err, that's kind of it. lol I never thought I'd get people to actually play, not for the want of trying (surprisingly nowadaysa lot of my shrinks have got on the score board with this game of mine). Paris can't believe what's just happened, having been slapped by the guy he's meant to be in charge of. Paris becomes even less impressed with what he realises is happening next.

Something just happens to this guy when he does all this, it's like some kind of weight has lifted from his emotions, or like he is brimming with a confidence or new emotion all of a sudden. It is like a cascade effect in him. He takes on this idea; this idea and...he just kind of  changes. Paris isn't happy, not only because I just got this guy to slap him round the head, but because Paris is psychiatricly trained, he knows this is a big step for this guy, he knows it will help him a lot, he also knows it might losen his grip over the guy; he wants to stop it. He also doesn't want this guy he uses for his abuse listening to me and liking me... Not at all.

Paris goes to work to stop the guy taking this idea on, his attention focuses on him. I'm basically an expert at surviving psychological tactics after my last decade of life, I've learnt a lot, I go to work as well...

Paris says the idea will lead to me having power over him, and it will cause him lots of problems with MI6. I tell him he's putting a negative spin on something important he's just learnt, I tell him he can put a negative spin on anything. I tell him to use his exercise when he needs it. He listens to me.

He does his emotional exercise again.

Paris now says this is all because he never stood up to his dad, I explain he's trying to associate the new idea with another thought for leverage, to put spin on something important he's learnt, to try stop him feeling this new confidence.

He does his exercise  again.

Paris now tries to convince him it could get him killed, that he'll be wreckless. I explain he's desperate to stop him developing strength that might stop him having so much power over him.

He uses it again.

Paris tries manipulating his personality in front of him now, manipulating his core belief at the bottom middle of the ego to convince him this idea has gone, he puts in place a strong doubt feeling. I tell him the idea he learnt is self sustaining and once an idea has taken it connects to a thousand other ideas in the mind, that  it's part of him Paris can't change.

Paris gets a screw you Nazi.

Paris tries to directly hold negative emotions over him and convince him they are real, I tell him some times you have to ignore what your emotions say. I tell him 'rule one, don't panic', and all he has to do is remember, that it's the thought that's the important thing even if his emotions say different. He listens to me again.

He does his exercise again.  

Paris really does throw the book at him, he tries all the ways he used to try change me on this guy, he really tries, but I'm a little better at training shrinks than Paris would like. I have found I can train people quickly if I have to, even 'on the hop' like with this guy. I train him a little more, I tell him even if he thought he had lost this new idea he just would need to remember, it only takes a thought.

Paris gets slapped round the head again and another screw you Nazis in reply to his faltering tactics to get rid of this idea, I really do find this hilarious. Paris isn't happy at all about this guy standing up against him, this guy wasn't regarded as the brave type at all, a little the opposite I think, but now this just kind of evaporates from him. Paris finally gives up trying his psychological  tactics, he knows he has lost a lot hold over him, he knows the idea has taken hold, he gives up.

This guy changes from this point, he even seems brighter in himself and a lot more confident; stronger. To those who don't know of psychoanalysis; what happened was he learnt something he maybe should have learnt when he was younger, an important idea, a lesson. This new emotion was this lesson or idea taking hold deep down in his mind, it is something his mind decided was important, that it wanted deep down in itself: permanent, this can change a lot.

So he changes. It's like a fresh start for him, he even decides he wants to amend about something I hacked from him in past year, about a girl he and some of his friends involved with Londons prostitution scene employed. She was a girl I told him he should have saved when he didn't. I think of solutions to problems a lot (as I say to my shrinks I'm 'hypnosis and problem solving', it's all I can really do lol). I come up with ideas, he can't save her but he can do something surely, taking steps in the right direction I'm sure is so important, to try find a way. 

One of my ideas is if he wronged this girl, he could try change the life's of other girls like her, try to save them, to use my hypnosis and do...something. So he had something he could smile about the day he died as I colourfully put it to him. To do something so if he ever see's this girl again somehow, somewhere, she would forgive him. It's not a replacement for justice an idea like this, it's trying, it's wanting to fix things. I told him just wanting to fix things, trying, him just taking steps in the right direction is the most important thing he could do. I don't know at the time but this is the second idea of mine he decides to take on this day, not that he lets me or anyone else know about it, he keeps this one to himself.

In the comming weeks this guy leaves my conscious network a year after arriving. I remember when I first met him, when he started abusing me constantly on Paris's orders, I (very ironically) said to him; 'remember yourself now, in a years time you won't recognise yourself'. I said this because he was giving in and starting to enjoy abusing me, I knew what it would lead to. It turned out when the year had passed I was right, but in a very different way to what I expected, both of us remember this well. I find out when this guy leaves he goes to get prodded and poked about how he had changed, in case it could 'be bottled' as I am told (a potential way to make the Nazi's in charge of MI6 money). They practically torture the idea out of him I find, he just turns up one day looking exhausted, I know what's happened, it's because of some kind of torture. I leave him be for a couple of days to rest, my instincts just tell me he needs rest first, after this I make sure he's ok with regard to them trying to change him, I see if he needs any advice or training to fix what they have done. I was meant to be the one training all these people once upon a time after all. I reteach him the inner strength exercise they tried to remove, I explain the idea is the important thing, all he has to do is remember.

He does his screw you nazis.

I know he'll be fine. They made one mistake I was to find when he tells me about what happened. When they tried to remove the idea they were sure what caused it was him slapping Paris round the head, they were sure of this. They didn't think at all it could be because of something else. I am to find he is soon to leave my little hypnotic network again. I aren't to see him for some time now. Some time passes. 

It is now quite a few months since I've seen this guy. It is about August 2014 now and I am once again to find myself in his company in my hypnotic network. He tells me he has got into a bit of trouble with work, he beams after saying this. He tells me he has a good story to tell...

It turns out he had been a busy bunny indeed. I had to piece this together from what he told me on his return and from tit bits I've gleaned from other agents, lol, this was big news in MI6's gossip circles it seems.

He turns to me and says 'I did it' and smiles, that he had saved them... and it was brilliant! He tells me he saved a group of girls in London, on the prostitution scene, girls in a bad situation. Here's what he did...

He went and tracked down some girls being held as prisoners, he had bought himself a couple of bugs to use my hypnosis from somewhere. He learned about the men holding the girls and their setup for weeks he says before he made his move. He then came up with a plan, he put it into play. He found a way to spike these peoples M-Kat (a legal high) with a sleeping drug he had 'acquired', a bug/neural hack can give you a massive advantage when it comes to something like this. They found a nice big tempting free bag of drugs outside their house someone just happened to drop I suspect.

He knew when they were all knocked out with his bug and then he made his move. He goes in to the building, he goes and gets the girls, he says he was there to save them, there to help. He had arranged an address for them to go to to get help, a women's refuge I imagine, he gives them all some money as he gets them out. He even shows me a gen (a generated image in my imagination) of him sheparding the girls out. He tells me there was this one girl who had only just got there, she was jumping up and down when she knew what was happening. He showed me another gen, of him getting an giddy kiss off this girl as he got her out of there.

I'm told eventually all the guys that where holding these girls come round. My guess is they were not too happy being minus every single one of their girls.I do find myself wondering about the look on their faces when they realise the girls were gone, all fifty of them, I shouldn't smile every time I think of this but I can't help myself (/is wearing a mischievous grin).

So these girls get a chance to change things for themselves, to escape their prison and have a chance of finding something better. I hope fate has treated them kindly, I hope they have faired well. 

I spent around a year with this guy, it's longer now when I write this. Paris and MI6 didn't realise when they tried to remove what he had learnt it wasn't him slapping Paris that changed him, it was after he took on the inner strength idea things changed. Them getting this wrong will have helped him when they tried to change him. Inner strength is an innocent emotional exercise that does more than what it seems it could. 

It was nice to hear about him taking on my other idea I must admit, I did have a big smile on my face all the way through him telling me about it all. I didn't give this guy a shrink name before now, I try think of one, he had earnt it, along with my respect, I'd now happily train him, I decide simply on the name 'Guy'.... Mainly due to the fact that I'm sure to many in certain circles around London he is simpily know as 'that guy'. 

And with regard for the 'screw you Nazis' mantra when practicing inner just works so well. MI6 also find that this is the case, agents start using my technique and find it also works best saying this (try it out if you like!). I get told it really helps some people. Eventually, quite recently as it happens I am told MI6 are now all barred from learning inner strength this way...I also get told it was a nice try.

So Guy really turned himself and his life around because of an idea, in fact because of two ideas. Two ideas he decided to take on, two ideas he took on and decided he would act on, not only changing his own life, but also the lives of some others, others who weren't in such fair circumstance. He's a personal hero to those girls... And the world needs more heros.

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