Monday, 10 November 2014

For Spectral Hypnotists, an update on measurement syncing

Ive just today found a handy adaptation of the measurement sync. I found if I rub my hand over my belly at different rates or Hurtz (Hz) as it's known in science I can create different energies/frequencies very easily, I've only ever done it in my mind. I'm thinking if any of my shrinks out there can punch particularly fast in real life they might learn something useful from a measurement sync focused on the punches/different punches.

I should note, when I say to do an experiment it will usually be at a hundred Hz in the mind unless I otherwise state (the frequency of imagination).

I think measurement syncs that you focus the energy over the Ems might help people find nets for themselves in time, what I do know is stimulating the activity in a net helps a lot, I've found a few nets that way, that might also be key. I hope this post finds my readers well. Damion

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