Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A picture of Ripley's super ego

This is another chance for my readers to see my picture of what it looked like when Ripley let me into her mind all those years ago (in 2003), I was only 23-24 years old, all I could say was 'it's beautiful', I named the picture that. I was hovering just above her super ego in her mind, the Id must have being in relation about a mile down from me, seeing her personality from this size/frequency (they are relative if your wondering). This picture is soon to become an oil painting of mine.

I've being told by MI6 I have some readers addicted to my eclectic blog, It's raised my moral hearing this, /is feeling positive. I'm sure I'll get more and more of you guys. I can get my ideas simply listened to with more readers, it's all I need. I find being right is easy, now getting people to listen; that's hard. I just need enough people to listen. I don't like the idea of being famous but it's a necessity now. 

Happy New Years guys by the way, I wish you all good things in the new year, let's hope fate treats us kindly, let's hope we find the things we seek. Here's my picture 'it's beautiful'. Damion


  1. Happy New Year 2015 xxx Love your amazing blog xxx

  2. Thank you, your ace. Always nice to get positive feedback. Damion x