Sunday, 30 November 2014

A picture of me & a comment on the Spectral Hypnosis situation

The photo
I photo shopped this picture of me, I thought I'd put it on for you guys, I tried to mimic a glazed eye hypnotic stare for it, enlarge it and stare at the bridge of my nose and it should have the right effect for you. I'm not very photogenic though I'm afraid and I can't do a fake smiles for the life of me, I'm thinking on this it's a trait of a Theta Autistic; were the genuine kind of person, so a smile from me has to be genuine, I always feel on the spot and put on an incredibly obvious fake smile for photos, an actual picture of me with a genuine smile is a rare thing) Here's my picture...

The Spectral Hypnosis
It's annoying with regard to leaning hypnotic gaze, MI6 can stop me learning it, I'd very much like to demonstrate and use Spectral Hypnosis (telepathy ect) to chat with more people in person, I just need to get by on hypnotic inductions from others. It would help my cause no end meeting more of my shrinks, If I can win over 90% of the shrinks in a secret service I can get the support of most people, I could move on to fixing the problems Spectral Hypnosis has caused. 

I feel I have to take responsibility for my hypnosis; for what I've done, for one to stop the power vacuum that has attracted some of the most greedy and frankly evil people into control of my hypnosis. Another reason is I don't know anyone else who can do what I can, if people drive themselves mad with my hypnosis and they can't fix themselves it's meant to be me who's there to fix them. 

There's other reasons, there's fixing illnesses I haven't had chance to tackle, I could go on and on. I need out of this mental ward/prison first, I'm hunted by the police if I go over the hour I'm allowed out by myself a day. 

I've come to a conclusion; I need to meet more of my shrinks and start training them; like I have done with the Phoenix net. I'm gonna think how to do this. You never know, maybe help will show up, I keep hoping for the day someone shows up saying 'I'm here to help with your hypnosis problem'.

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