Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A press clipping on the CIA and a comment

This article is closy related to a post I've been thinking about posting, in fact it's been in my editing list a good few weeks now. It is these Nazis in the press clipping that seemingly indoctrinated the CIA after the war having effects even now, this is why a lot of mistakes have been made by the CIA with Spectral hypnosis. The American people tried to get rid of these Nazis when project paperclip and MK ultra (famous and disgusting CIA projects) came to light, seemingly to no avail, I'm hoping when Spectral hypnosis comes to light America will try again and succeed. I have a good impression of how the CIA operate because they are trying the same indoctrination tactics on MI6 and Great Britain, exporting this Bumbling Nazi methodology they think is nessesarry to compete. 

My thoughts are that we didn't fight a world war seventy years ago to let this happen to our countries. I'll fight as best I can, I'm hoping there are others. I'll finish the above mentioned post soon, here's the press clipping. Damion

 (This clipping is from the Sun newspaper in the UK October 28th 2014)

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