Wednesday, 24 December 2014

An update

There was a new head of MI6 come in in October, I'm still sizing him up. I'm still getting drugged, with a concentrated nerve toxin that's in small amounts in methamphetamine and in sarin I was told. I'm sure all this is to get the world excepting America taking everything to do with my hypnosis. I see why many don't like America in their country, well, the CIA I mean really, they are responsible for all my abuse since summer 2004 when Tony Blair turned traitor. Ive got another short story to write, it's about us in the phoenix net showing what we can do. I'm calling it 'the story of the first games'. I'll just tell you this...'sometimes you need tact, patience and subtlety... But then there's times you just need Luke'. /is grinning thinking about it hehe. 

It's Christmas Eve isn't it, I wish you guys all a merry Christmas wherever you are around the world...don't get too drunk! And thank you for listening to me on here, it's nice to know I'm not so alone. Damion

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