Sunday, 6 December 2015

One of my heros (video&pics)

I thought I would share with my readers who my heroes are. Sir Earnest Shackleton is my first personal hero I'm going to put up (I have three). He was a south polar explorer. Just over century ago he set off on his famous 1914-17 expedition to the South Pole on his ship the Endurance. It was to be the first expedition to cross the Antartic. The Endurance became trapped in pack ice on her voyage near to the Antartic, Shackleton had to eventually abandon her. He came up with a plan, he and his men were to traverse the ice fields in the most inhospitable environment you can imagine to get to a place called Elephant island where they would make camp. Shackletons was then to take a small life raft that he had a decked out from Elephant island in a desperate attempt to reach South Georgia; a whaling station, the nearest settlement. The 16 day voyage of this life raft 'the voyage of the James Craid' is regarded as one of the greatest voyages a small boat has ever undertaken. It was a gallant attempt by Shackleton to save his men traversing the worst seas in the world and relying on one brave soul going above deck once a day to use his sextant so they could find their bearings and keep course for The island, being even a degree out would mean missing South Georgia and doom them all, they had quite a time of it. They reached South Georgia and after traversing a mountain reached the settlement. It took multiple attempts and months for Shacleton to reach his men with help but he made it and so did they.

Shackleton is one of my hero's as he did what it took and got all of his men out alive when the odds were really against them. He was brave, he lead his men, he came up with a plan and (eventually) got all his men to safety. If you would like to know a bit more here's a documentary I found on this expedition. Damion


                     The Endurance 

       Shackletons 1914-17 expedition 

               Sir Earnest Shackleton 
              15.feb.1874 - 5.jan.1922           

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