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True story 'The story of Luke's net part 2' an extract from part 5 of my book 'A guiding light'

(This is an extract from my autobiography documenting the birth of Spectral hypnosis 'The story of the first Spectral hypnotist, it's from part 5: A guiding light')

It is early 2013, I am working on a project on schizophrenia at the moment. I spend a lot of time working on it, I often work on it in my room but more often than not I find myself problem solving on it while say walking down the street. MI6 are spiking me a lot, they have been for some time, with sodium pentathol, my life is still hard, life is still a fight. I can solve problems ok but it's a fight to write as always, my report is hard work writing while I'm on sodium pentathol.It is now nearly a decade since I went to claim asylum in America. 

I am to learn something new about my little adventure today as I do my work; I am to learn what me and Luke actually did there in that prison cell in New York in 2004; what we did when we found the green net; Luke's net as I called it. Me and Luke didn't have a clue that Luke’s net might be a little bit more than what it seemed like at face value.

My project is me putting to use what I have learnt of the mind, what my problem solving and abilities have let me understand of the mind. I am trying to try and crack schizophrenia, to explain it neurologically and psychologically and tie it into physics. It is going well, I start to find I can tackle any problem in Schizophrenia from the view point of neurology, psychology, hypnology (as I like to call it) and physics; four angles to tackle it from. As I always say; if you give me three logical angles to tackle a problem from I can most likely triangulate the correct answer. I have four angles then to solve any problem in schizophrenia, I find this makes the work just a matter of time. I've spent a lot of time problem solving on these matters now and am making a lot of headway with my work, to the point I think I've got the neurology of schizophrenia cracked. I don't remember exactly where I am but as I work on my project I come to a conclusion; Schizophrenia is the super ego which is yellow mixing with consciousness which is blue...What is between yellow and blue? Say in a rainbow? Green... It mixing would be green...A damn green net forms in a schizophrenic's mind! Luke’s net! I think some more and I'm sure. Luke's technique, when he sent himself crazy in 2004; he gave himself bloody Schizophrenia! I'm sure he did! That must mean syncing Luke’s net the same way we did to ourselves in a schizophrenic's mind is a cure for schizophrenia (along with maybe syncing/suppressing the negative frequencies in the Id). I'm sure it's a cure, I'm sure it's the same as fixing Luke.

I know the term schizophrenia comes from Ancient Greek and means 'the split or fractured mind'. I work out a paradox of this; what Luke did with the beta net all those years ago; he literally split his conscious mind in two, he fractured it, he gave himself a patrician; schizophrenia. What I did when syncing with Luke's net was to connect the two halves of this split or patrician back together again, I'm sure we've cracked it.

I think I am pretty lucky to have worked this out, it's wasn't easy or obvious that Lukes net was present in schizophrenia, this probable cure for schizophrenia and similar disorders could have easily been lost, very easily, it sat at the back of my mind for years, I feel it could have been an old ability that was just forgot about. I had to be a clever little Aspie to get the job done this time, and it took me nearly ten years to do it. I've never seen a schizophrenics mind under hypnosis after all, I had to find a different way to ply my trade but I did get there eventually.

I am in hope the work me and Luke have done with Schizophrenia and maybe even this story will give hope to many people suffering with schizophrenia and similar disorders. The cure is basically free, side effect free, takes a few seconds and it also makes you immune to Luke’s net; so your immune to schizophrenia. I think this work will lead to people finding new directions in their lives that they never thought possible, it can perhaps give hope; like it did for Luke. Luke had given up on getting better, given up on his career, given up on his life really, take my advice, never do this, never give up, ever...

'Even when there is no hope, you can always find hope…So there is always hope'

I've always been glad I charged in to save Luke all those years ago, even if it was a bit stupid. I was there for my friend when he needed me, It was worth it just fixing him, now it means even more knowing it could fix schizophrenia. I really think we found a cure for schizophrenia. Him driving himself crazy seems to have had a hell of a silver lining to it. This is good news for me the way my life is, it lifts my morale. I know how important this is and all the lives that are at steak getting this cure out to the world (1% of the world have schizophrenia and up to 15% of them will kill themselves eventually). I more than ever will fight for my hypnosis to be known about now, I won't give up now, that's for sure. 

Since the early days of Spectral hypnosis I've had a strong interest in curing mental illness, and now I'm sure us in the Phoenix net have got a major one under our belt. This raises my faith in what I am trying to do with the net. I must admit I have been known upon occasions to rally my shrinks in the net telling them; 'The plans to wipe out all mental illness on the planet' when I'm wanting to get them in gear for what I'm teaching. I wouldn't usually write it but I do say it to rally my shrinks. I say it to them to get them wanting to make it happen; it's our work, but it's also because I'm sure we can do it. I'm more sure now...I will stand by what I say when I say this. My shrinks though; the Phoenix net are scattered, we're all apart, there's only me Luke and Fuzz together now. I live in hope we will get back together someday soon, I hope we could even increase our number somewhat (by somewhat I mean a lot), I've met plenty of good candidates, it's not as if I can wipe out a 'single' mental illness out without my shrinks after all...But as for the time being; for wiping out all mental illness on the planet......That's depression and schizophrenia done...On to the rest...

   -The end of the story of Luke's net-

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