Wednesday, 18 November 2015

A new shrink

An mi5 girl has been in in the last couple of weeks. She had cocaine psychosis. I fixed the green net even though PR tried to scramble it. This helped her a lot. I used my theta waves to therapy the burnt out frontal lobe I saw in her, her frontal lobe was over active but sensed burnt out, it's down to her brain not breaking down serotonin I think. She's loads brighter now, back to normal. I also fixed her bad guy syndrome, I helped reassert her deep beliefs and kept working at stoping the bad guy syndrome reasserting. My project was a big success. They took her away before I finished though. I needed to teach her to stimulate her own theta waves. I wouldn't normally do an EMT therapy but it was for medical reasons. I hope she is ok. Mi6 offered her a job but I'm worried the nazi psychiatrists that run mi5 will get hold of her and experiment on her. I called her Kink, she's a nice girl, she's blonde, thin and exactly 30 years old, her uncle got her a job in mi5. I hope she's ok. Damion

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