Thursday, 31 December 2015

My central plan

I've had this plan for a while, I've decided to put it online today. I guess I have to let people know of what I really want to achieve in an ideal world. It's pretty complicated what my hypnosis and work means, I just want the right people making the decisions with it, I know it's a responsibility that shouldn't just sit on my shoulders, to this end I think it best and safer that me and the rest of the Phoenix net work for a coalition of countries. I also want to get the most out of my work so it being used to help countries find common endeavours like this would be ideal.

My plan I'd like to try make happen is to train a male and a female from various races/countries around the world with my hypnosis (to be part of the Phoenix net). Just a small number of people for a demonstration would do. I can train people to be as good as me with my hypnosis over time, I'm good at what I do, this could save so many problems in the world. There is massive demand for my hypnosis skills but no supply, that has caused massive problems and a lot of suffering around the globe.

I can also train people to problem solve like what I do also, to develop fluid inteligence, I've dipped my toe into this with promising results. I would like to do this while working with experts on my usual type of projects; curing mental illness, physical illness and developing technology ect, it would be the perfect environment in fact, I think we could achieve a lot indeed doing this. I would like a chance to again train both a male and a female from various races/countries in this field as well.

I think a coalition of the USA, Russia, China and Prehaps Great Britain (if we can get new leadership) could form the main backbone of a group of countries working together on this project, I feel I would be being responsible to share my technologies and abilities with these countries, I'm sure we would look to working with other countries from Europe as an example and making our world a better place. I would look for more advice on this of course. As soon as I'm working for a group of countries I will feel much better about all this. I've done my best to balance things with putting important information on my blog but I really should be working for the right people.

If you guys either together or individually think you can help make my department with you happen then please do, we could achieve so much together. The help would also be appreciated, life is still far from ideal. My spirits are high though, I'm pretty pleased I might have cracked 'the string thing' as I playfully call string theory. Things might get better I feel. Happy new year guys (let's make it one to remember) Damion

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