Wednesday, 18 November 2015

How many abilities I've come up with

Mi6 told me how many abilities I've developed. They used memory retrieval techniques on Luke, they say it's 2270 or so. Mi6 have 99 other departments that have failed getting any meaningful results. MI5 have a lot of departments experimenting on a lot of people, autistics and my children. MI5 told me they want me to fix my children. They spiked them with drugs to grow them more neurones and it went wrong. Idiots, they are theta's not deltas, or are meant to be. It sounds like a horror movie what I write. It is beyond mi5 agents to understand how sick this all is, they have had right mind jobs done on them by the ring of psychiatrists that have programmed them, these morons have a lot of power mI5. Damion

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