Sunday, 8 November 2015

Update- I'm a bit ill

I'm a bit ill. This is the first time the torture has made me physically ill. Apparently it's a syndrome prisoners of war often die of. 

What caused it was them torturing me with pain experiments while they had me sectioned. They tortured me for three months then this information sunk to the bottom of the super ego, hits the axon hillock and sends the information shooting down to the id, this is when I set in for the long term with the pain. They tortured me for a year and two months, it was crap but I stayed healthy, I was in long term mode. I got out then they rested me, I was exhausted, my body went into rest mode, this information started sinking down the super ego. They rested me for six weeks or so then started torturing me again, this is when I got ill. I have become sensitive to the pain experiments, Ihave a running nose all the time. I got a really bad cold from my immune system being that run down, my body had trouble fighting it off. I have a strong immune system, the cold that came from me puts people in a right state, MI6 say it has killed people as people like me never get ill. They keep doing their experiments, they are making me ill, I've wanted to sleep all the time the last two weeks. It's definitely a nervous condition I've got, it's nervous in origin. They have also suppressed the instinct you get to relax, you know when your body melts and relaxes when you lay down, that one, it causes stress. 

I'm pretty ill, The GCHQ doctor says I need six months rest to get better, I'm never going to get that. I hope something comes along. Damion

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