Wednesday, 18 November 2015

A post about Ripley

Ripley is protected status in MI5
She's even written a book for some reason that MI5 have let/had her write
She knows about what MI5 does to my children, they all do, I guess it doesn't mention that. She was the one who first stole my semen. Has she developed bad guy syndrome as well like the other MI5 girls I've met? What am I meant to think? She stood by and did nothing. Once upon a time she fought people like that. She isn't part of the Phoenix net any more, the Phoenix net is for the shrinks who follow what I teach. Damion

P.s just to log MI6 have been threatening to give me a virulent strain of HIV (from the peadophile ring), I've only slept with one girl since my last test. I should get another test done. It's Younger the head of MI6 letting them have access to me.

P.p.s they gave me another lobotomy last night

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