Tuesday, 15 December 2015

MI6 are proper pissed off

I just found an original Phoenix stone in a body net, it's quite a high frequency net. A Chienese friend of mine is keeping it safe for me. Everyone who's got my hypnosis should have one even if they have been given the disrupted FQ the CIA wants everyone to get (lots of people got this in the Phoenix chakra net, the beta net with the Phoenix stone behind the head. Right...here's what you do if you want to fix this chakra, you use the other Phoenix stone, you first desync the chakra then sync the other Phoenix stone in its place, you should go 'woah' to some degree like I just did, you will feel it. If you have trouble finding the other Phoenix stone create more and more powerful Phoenix stones and shine them just inside the chest, a strong enough one will light up the net and you will see the Phoenix stone. Damion

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