Friday, 13 November 2015

Paedophile ring update

I'm determined to get this paedophile ring and I've decided I'm not shy about how I go about it. I've spent years hacking about them now, I've learnt how to fight with words, how to use them as a weapon, hacking as I call it. 

I've found out recently they are an infamous gypsy site. I've managed so far to get the police, some nice London gangsters I met, MI5, MI6 and the CIA all informed or involved with them. 

The police want them arrested (I had some police in my conscious net believe it or not). I hacked that the ring did a high profile job against a gangster boss; they tortured and killed on of his relatives, there's a big bounty on any of their heads now because of this. It took some doing getting word to the gangster boss of who did it. I've made them a disaster in waiting for MI6 and won most of their shrinks over. I got MI5 involved with them now but I don't know how, I just know they are scared of them. The paedophiles are getting desperate, I think they are trying to win over the CIA for help (they are scared of them though). I've hacked they have screwed MI5 and the CIA trying to survive, I guess this is through lies to them unless it's a move against them, they are desperate.

The peadophile ring are not happy, I found out they have recently they had the police (maybe a month or so ago vaguely), gangsters and MI5 visit their site one after another. They said to me it's been tewnty years since they had the police there.

So...I do believe I have my enemy flanked and out manoeuvred, they are not in a good way it seems. I just need to make sure their support is cut off. I'm taking down this ring one way or another.

All of this will be in part 5 'a guiding light' in my book, it''s a bit different to what I expected what's happened, but you will have to wait to find out about this in my book. Damion

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