Friday, 11 December 2015

The recent games

The first international games were held recently to coincide with when I first saw personality (the start of December). I'm under the impression the games need work, I just wish I was there to help things run better. By the sounds of it a lot went well, though I could see our foreign guests thinking of us as arrogant westerners showing off. It's just unfair competing against someone a savant or his partner has trained. Luke's students competing as their own team or in their own tournament would have been much better. I also agree with the eastern ethos of a master not fighting his students which I recently learnt about, I wouldn't want to fight my students as it would break/damage that trust/responsibility that comes along with training someone.

I come to have the impression the games won't be fair until everyone has my training, being otherwise indisposed of I have decided I will have to put a training course together online to even up the odds as it were with the games. I'll put up part one 'the six skills of Spectral hypnosis' soon. When it gets warmer and I get some money I may travel to London to teach for a weekend as it is infinitely easier to teach in person. I'm also putting together some new events, next year will be the real start of this, im hoping next year they will actually let me train fuzz a little, they set her up to fail badly (see upcoming story 'the story of Fuzz'), im also hoping the Phoenix net can compete as a team and maybe get my tuition. They will never give me a week training the Phoenix net though (they know what I can do in a week lol). I'm hoping all countries that sent representatives this year and maybe some others will compete in at least some events. Ik, I have my basic lesson plan for my course...Time to write lesson one, we have one year to prepare guys! I'll get you all up to cutting edge in that time, I train my shrinks well. Damion


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