Saturday, 14 November 2015

The Spectral Games

I have found out the games are happening again. I've also found out a country who has an affinity for things like my hypnosis isn't wanting to compete this year and it is only down to politics. I think a good solution would be for all the teams captains from the competing countries/groups to meet to discuss what concessions should be made, we should even consider forming a formal committee made up from representatives from the competing countries/groups in future. Things like wanting to gen foxes jumping rather than bunnies is easy to solve, you should be able to gen any animal jumping this year.
For a countries first years entry they should be able to ask for special conditions as they are new to the games (like only fighting certain opponents). As always it is customary but not essential at all to share what abilities you chose to use in the games in the interest of developing Spectral hypnosis internationally and showing the world another way to do things. Oh, and the games can be postponed while we sort this problem, I'm sure no one will mind. Damion

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