Saturday, 16 December 2017

Ideas for the world

This idea is closely related to the air flow wing gifted to Russia

This idea is for the USA to go with the slipstream

The type two warp drive work is for the international think tank I organised to have a look at to benefit us all, I know the USA was gifted warp drives so it seems fair they should prehaps play a leading role.

This is for the middle east for them to maybe be able to get a patent.

This is my inertial damper theory, its for the international think tank to try and come up with ways to stabalise the mentioned warp fields.

This is for Africa to try out, i hope you guys do really well, use dr database.

This is to go with the above work on the type 2 warp drive

this is a little innovation for the USA
im going through a lot hypnotically, liabry closing, watch out for uk citizens all becomming an army


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