Friday, 1 December 2017

A gift for Canada

There recently was a baby in Great Ormond st children's hospital that was in the press, he was dying. He had an illness reletive to his mitrocondria, they produce energy in cells. Doctors here in the UK wanted to let him die because he was in a lot of pain, his family wanted to take him to America though; for a new form of gene therapy that could help his condition and prolong his life. I had recently survived a degenerative white matter disorder that MI5 had given me, it was a last ditch attempt to kill me. Using the newly found temporal net I developed a five stage drug therapy to save my life, it was kind of just in the nick of time. It worked by restructuring the actual protein that was damaged in my brain from their drug. I knew it was undoubtedly a protein damaged in the little guy in great Ormond st's mitrocondria. I  put a few commands to temporal net and it came up with a four stage drug therapy based on my cure, it would fully cure the disorder. It should be enough to save him.

The project- Please can you guys in Canada research both other multi stage drug therapys and especially (the main project) ones aimed at repairing damaged proteins. I think there will be many applications for us to explore in these areas. Please look at my diagrams on the matter on temporal net, just ask to see the compounds changing the protein. Good luck on your project. Damion

Us in the Poenix net fought to get that baby's parents the cure, The powers that be tried very hard to stop us even getting to them. Luke for one had to go against orders to make it happen, I can speak for all of us in the net when I say we hope the little guy does well. I've not heard of him in a while. Damion 

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