Saturday, 30 December 2017

More sexual assaults

They've been raping me with dogs for the past year publicly. The Queen organises it, I've found out her and Charles are zooaphiles of some sort, they do this to other autistics to sense their emotions etc. They are desperate to keep this quiet, she even tried being nice to stop me putting it online night before last. I've found with the rapes they do this to me once a week, the queen is carried around in someone's head and she watches the rapes happen. It's the extra energy from autistic nervous systems she has stolen that has made her like this.
I used temporal net to develop a hypnotic technique to bond my muscles together in my perineum, it might help me live, it's usually fatal They've spiked me with a strong drug that has made me dopey and burns away nets in the frontal lobe, it's blue. A short girl in her 50s called Ruth I think with long blonde hair who did asexual abuse to David Bowie for the queen in the 80's is often the one to rape me. I am being threatened with another rape for writing this. The British are pathetic perverts. scum. Damion

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