Sunday, 1 November 2015

mi5 hacking information

I've found out MI5 has gone bad stealing government money, hundreds of billions between them. You don't know how many agents I've hacked and found out they have money hidden under their floor boards (there's that much money there's no where else to hide it). The 'bad guy' syndrome (People really need to find the name and read up on this syndrome) is rampant in MI5 it seems, this is why this has happened, MI5 are deeply involved with government with this stealing of resources I've found. I was right about systemic failure of Great Britain. I found out why even the girls in MI5 had unpleasant memories of abusing children, it's to cover up all the real cases of peadophillia. There is the chance it's also some nazi agent programming technique as well. Damion

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