Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The head of MI5's involvement

The head of MI5 Andrew Parker has direct involvement with what's happening to me and holding my children as captives and experiments (on British soil). Plenty of their agents know about my children, they might suppress the memory though, if this happens you stimulate the memory and sync them (I use this technique to activate their programs also, I just say 'the destroy your nets programme' and then sync them). Some of my children were sold to privileged family's, the males (which they most likely are) should be easy to find as they look like me. I need a way to connect him to all this so he can't worm out of it when the media find out what's happened. I'll have a think about this. MI5 come across like a bunch of nazi thugs. MI5 needs breaking down and rebuilding. MI5 used to be to be the good guys, they have lost that...And any respect I had for them. Damion

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