Friday, 6 November 2015

Multitasking, Matriarchs and Sniper rifles

This is a post that explains about multi tasking, matriarchs and sniper rifles and how they all interrelate to one another inside that most interesting of mother natures creations 'the Fembrain'.

The fembrains ability to multi task is well known, it is down to the multiple twists at the top of a females super ego (the manbrain only having a solitary large twist in the center-see my work). The multiple twists means the fembrain will perceive multiple elements from her surroundings and think of multiple ideas at once because of the extra communication between her Consciousness and Super Ego, she can also remember multiple tasks well in her short term memory (the fembrain does seem to like having its multiple things doesn't it). 

These multiple traits are what leads to the fembrains ability to multi task, her conscious mind can easily perceive, process and remember multiple tasks meaning she can jump easily from one task to another that is being processed in her Consciousness and Super Ego.

A female put in a leadership position will adopt a matriarchical style of leadership. The manbrain will naturally focus on achieving one goal which has its advantages, the fembrain will constantly multitask so will balance multiple priorities. 

A manbrain put in a leadership role will be more likely to go all out to achieve its one main goal while a fembrain put in a leadership role will be more likely to include multiple elements in decision making like; caring for her subordinates, wanting her organisation to do well, wanting her country to do well, wanting her finances and career to go well and wanting to leave her position in a good way for the next leader as examples.

The fembrain will gravitate towards taking on multiple elements of a problem in all it's decision making effecting leadership decisions making them more likely to be balanced decisions. 

The fembrain it actually seems to me is quite suited to taking on leadership roles in our society, it has perhaps evolved to have this as an evolutionary trait. So who makes the better leader the Manbrain or the fembrain? It's a good question.

& sniper rifles
I play first person shooters occasionally, on them I have noticed a girl will just about always will have her trusty sniper rifle by her side. The sniper rifle; apparently the most feminine of high caliber weapons, but why? I think this is also a by-product of the fembrains multitasking nature, a girl won't just think about the one main thing a weapon will do like the manbrain e.g it kills stuff good. The fembrain will think of multiple aspects of the weapon e.g you can take your time, you can stay safe, stay at range and you can kill your enemy with one shot. The sniper rifle is the most sensible (and therefore feminine) of weapons at the fembrain's disposal. So a female will naturally gravitate towards having her trusty sniper rifle by her side rather than most other weapons because of her muti tasking abilities, that is why you will usually see a girl on a first person shooters with a sniper rifle by her side. Just in case you ever wondered.

So there you go, that is why girls can multi task, make good leaders and are natural snipers. That concludes my post on multi tasking matriarchs and sniper rifles. D

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