Thursday, 18 August 2016

Warp drive project- inverse warp field

I've been told you lot are having trouble creating a Higgs field/inverse warp field that expands space, I thought I'd help... I think the Higgs field is made up of a highs field (the sub dimensional field, the one under our field) which is energy and also the Higgs boson which is a particle in this dimensional field. I think you take my Higgs field warp field perametrs I put up and factor in that we need to generate Higgs bosons which are one quarter/half (a Higgs field energy) or squared (the quantum particle prehaps) an increase in dimensional HZ. We may have to make the Higgs field as well as the boson unless the boson by itself works for our inverse warp field.

I've also been having thoughts about making a DEM (dimensional electromagnetic) drive, we need to make a 20D+ plasma like what the EM drive is meant to do to get thrust, this should be worth exploring. 

By the way, I've worked out in recent weeks the exact speed of light to be 299792458.9999999 using i speed (4.257270514042e87 KMPH) and E=mc6 if it's useful to you guys. Damion

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