Saturday, 27 August 2016

A new conservative psychiatrist

It is a new type of conservative psychiatrist in today, he is more highly trained than the others, he comes from a different part of the conservetive government, a more senior department. This guy wants to give me some form of personality changing drugs. They say it will stop me doing my work (problem solving). They just said me putting this post up is them paving the way to them giving it to me, to do with international reaction no doubt. I've been hacking him while he does his experiments on me...This guy is a peadophile, he has screwed over government, about the big job he did, he just rushed off to make a call. Teresa May has been using these twisted psychiatrists to make me look unstable and volatile, she is trying to look reasonable while me unreasonable. They won't give me my proper benefits and torturre me badly so I have to spend what little money I have on killing pain to function. I am trapped in the Pentrich because of this. I really need some money, I needed a pair of headphones this week and it has really screwed up my finances. I need to think of something. Damion

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