Saturday, 27 August 2016

Neuroleptic or similar drugging

They have spiked me with a neuroleptic or similar, a very serious one. One of the shrinks said she's surprised I'm not screaming. They have the net held out of place though. They spiked me while I half slept for thirty minuites. It hyper stimulated a big blue grainy beta field like what Thorazine did, they held it out of place while it was stimulated, the field then went grey. Feel disorientated. The psychiatrist who was in two days ago who bought EMTing with me suggested this drug to them, it's a serious one, I can't remember if they were trying discussing trying to give me bad guy syndrome with it. Feel funny, can't think well. I tried making a video but Jonathan (PR) was giving me broccas aphasia from hypnotic stimulation to my damaged frontal lobe to cover up my symptoms from the drug. I'll put it up anyway, sorry I look a state, I've been getting a bit ill, can still only walk 150 before I need a rest, everything is an effort, especially when the doing the full body pain. It only lasts 49 second as MI6 have that many viruses on my phone to record my videos ect,my fourth nine seconds took up a quarter of a gig. Damion

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