Saturday, 27 August 2016

Peadophile ring update 27.8.16

The world wide community told the UK to stop the gypsy peadophile ring having access to me (thank you). This happened for a while. There have been five members of the peadophile ring in today. Younger is letting them back in, he's trying to cover his tracks, the members are making out they are under cover for the peadophiles working for MI6. They are obviously members, they are easy to spot. Younger has let them back in, he is using them to his own ends. He just temporarily stopped it to appease the world then went back on what he said as he always does (he has done this on many occasions). My advice is to never use negotiation with a person like this but force him to do what you want. MI6 agents hate him for his degenerate acts and anti Brittish interests, MI6 agents call him Sawyers to remind them who he is like (a traitor).

I have been hacking the peadophiles...
I have found the Peadophile ring are desperate to get hold of another one of my children. They fear being brought to justice by world wide pressure from me getting famous. They are desperate to kill me, they think this might stop this (it wouldn't). The guy in now has some weapon to kill me and is trying to get aces to me while I sleep as younger lets them do. One brave agent just said 'I won't walk out the conscious engine if you let him in, I'll fight you' (thank you Differ, his shrink name).

The peadophiles passed on to the worlds human experimentation underworld a way of keying into an ability of us Thetas (my children) as a weapon, they use this technique to get some basic (by my standards) results from their experimentation. My children were regarded as failed experiments by many in the underworld be the age of eight/nine. I've been told some people will never let go of my children now. They arnt even good results. Some brave country's secret services tried to stop this dangerous information getting out but it was all over the planet within a day. This gypsy community (one of the largest in the UK, two days walk from London if it helps people) is a major contributor to a world wide genocide, one that will last a Century (until my descendants are no longer being found that is).

I hacked they have a plan to take on those who don't like what they do to us Autistics (a good few countries/ basically the world and world media) using secrets they have got from their apphiliation/employment with MI6 and I'm sure other tactics. Lots of men with bad guy syndrome in MI6 are attracted to the peadophile ring, they are clever and ply manipulation tactics making them feel excepted and like 'family' though are quick to betray these people. They also plan to use lies and coercion to influence the world media. It is so dangerous them having acsess to my ideas before I have a chance to put them online.

I have one of the peadophiles in now who is programming into himself what I'm writing for a tactical advantage. I have tried to reason with them, I've explained only the peadophile ring/ones who have committed genoceide should be punished, they should go to prison. I've even said I'll help their community, I've helped with ideas for a food programme, health care, a work programme and more. I'm kind of proud of my food program, I found they often went hungry, I've been three days without food before and that was bad enough never mind longer so got problem solving. My idea was an for them to offer to do work for local farmers in exchange for food, it worked well and they got work, eventually farmers started taking it in turns to drop off potatoes or carrots to them for nothing (I suggested sugared carrots). A nice doctor was willing to do a surgery for them  but kept getting scab lies so had to stop (they bite through latex, he needs armoured/think foiled gloves I reason). I plan to do other things for their community to make it better, I won't make it worse. Getting rid of the peadophile ring is part of this, they abuse the other gypsys children,not just their bought children and captives, they even abuse the protected children of the higher up gypsys I've found. 

That's what I know for now. I think I might finish my half done post from a couple of weeks ago now, I forgot to finish it, it's a good story to do with this site, one I've heard referred to as hell on earth. Damion

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