Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Tibetans are in again

I have the Tibetans from the deli lamas group in again, it seems these political outcasts/asylum seekers form a distinct group. They did something to hurt my head, he actually derived satisfaction from this. I hacked him and two of his friends to defend myself. I've known they plan to betray MI6 for a while, they have also betrayed China somehow, they went back on their word with them I hacked, they offered me ten of my children being put into better hands if I didn't put that online, I bartered for twenty. They have now gone back on this. It was a tactic to buy some time. Is there anyone they won't betray? I thought these people were my friend, I do recall getting three hundred of them allowed home and to safer condition in exchange for the core reactor. This's a bit upsetting? Crap?..,That kind of thing. They still want me dead it seems, I guess MI6 want people in who want bad things for me. Damion

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