Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Update 2.8.16

There is a new team of psychiatrists in from the conservative government. They have spiked me with anthrax again, my eyes are sore and shrivelled in. I can only walk a couple of hundred meters without needing a rest. They tried spiking my tobacco with a minty carcinogen a couple of days ago. They demanded acsess to my room a couple of nights ago, I found out tonight one of them raped me, he wasn't happy when I told him about the HIV, herpes and hepatitis. He actually cried out 'no' when I told him. These government psychiatrists are obsessed with stealing my work on psychiatry. The conservatives use these psychiatrists to murder people, they commit a lot of murders I've found. I don't intend to be one of them. 

I just hacked Terresa may had someone else murdered who was close to her, it's obvious who she was. I need to avoid her doing the same to me. I have time, they have made the mistake of saying they have a plan to stop me being famous. Damion

2.8.16- They raped me again last night, we'll cut my a us with a knife at least. These guys are different, they are employed by conservative government psychiatrists. They don't get any training these guys, you can tell. It looks like bad guy syndrome is prevalent in government also. Experiments all day, my body hurts, can't walk far. Trying to keep my spirits up. Damion

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