Sunday, 28 August 2016

Teresa May update

She has two agents in torturing me, they drugged me with the personality change drug last night, it effected my beta waves shutting a big blue net down. Not thinking much but it has got a bit better. So...I hacked their ass...Teresa relies on a male who she is in contact with, he is know to be quite dodgy, he deals with murders and the like for Teresa. She also has fiddled her tax but they've had two weeks or so to clean this up. I came up with a plan for Teresa a bit back, if she employed me I said this would win over world leaders, then we should ask them for protection against err...that bit of finance trouble she was in. She didn't give me a job and went to these key world leaders for protection without me. The conservetives said last time they will wait until I make them money and then damage me, my cancer cure saves the NHS a lot of its money. I need to be careful this evil government doesn't use the money I make to stay in power. They plan to use the money to cut the defection, it should go to me and primarily my children, I have a million children to find and care for. The U.K. must pay for its genocide. Damion

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