Thursday, 25 August 2016

Genetic/genocidal persecution by the UK government and psychiatric community

I was talking about religion earlier and about what enlightenment actually means. I tuned into an empty blue high  frequency beta net that the feeling stimulated. MI6 were trying to keep it separate from my EMS. What they do is get their psychiatrists in and have them EMT with me which is detrimental. I have met a few psychiatrists like this unfortunately. They are the front men for MI6, their public side, the best and brightest psychiatrists in the UK, they are easy to find. These are the ones getting distributed my work, like my advice if you have an overbearing father figure; I came up with an essential bit of knowledge everyone like this needs to learn, it was suppressed in me and passed on to them, my work is very different from doctrine so will stand out. There are many other ideas like 'vertical association', the relation between emotion and wisdom, a cure for bad guy syndrome and pedophillia, my autism work, my schizophrenia and bipolar cures, my newfangled friendly interactive style of psychiatry, my 'important lesson' positive polarity shift cute for traumas, my way of syncing someone to outright cure a conflict (try it, bring the conflict to mind and sync them (Important- only if they know what they should think but sill can't resolve it so check), there's so much more, I got my education in brain science. I don't often put my psychological work down as my work on the mind progressed on to neural physics, then quantum dimensional physics then temporal physics. They torture me that much I don't have time to put most of my ideas online. These psychiatrists were lined up to learn my enlightened feeling I was told earlier until I shut down the net to stop me being mutilated by these people. MI6 say there will be consequences for this, for costing Younger this few million (I shut down two nets in total today). They are torturing me to hell anyway, they just stop it occasionally so I can do my work to keep the world happy. I must admit I'm tempted to go on strike and just play Tererria to try and stifle the bumbling Nazis plan, I can't live like this, I'm getting really ill from the full nervous system pain, they have been doing this for is it three years now? I want a proper job working for a coalition of countries or for the UN.

These abusive psychiatrists that were comming in (and occasionally it's big businessmen) pay a lot of money to Younger (the head of MI6) to EMT with me, one million pounds a time I found out, all for a short buzz, it won't make them brighter. There is no quick fix to becoming more intelligent, I know this, I had to work at being bright. EMT doesn't work for this, savants just know things about their given field if you are unaware, I don't know how, it's like my hypnosis and what to do with it is familiar to me, or like I've done it before but I haven't, like it's what I'm designed to do, err, I just kind of know suff about it, My savant syndrome triggered and told me from the start EMT is bad for you and should be limited. I've tried explaining this to MI6 but they won't listen. On top of this it stops me doing my work which can help a lot of people. I can train people to problem solve like me, I can train people to develop hypnosis like me, I can make someone's neurology optimal but it is done a different way. Why won't they listen? I guess it doesn't make people like Younger and probably others in government rich. This treatment also happens to my children who are out there (in the UK and abroad) raised on baby farms and I'm sure in other unthinkable circumstance. We are being used by the UK government and UK psychiatric community as batteries. It is openly known about in government but covered up, it is genocidal persecution, it is the disaster of our time. Government psychiatrists are stealing a lot of my work, especially of late. All these people are easy to find, they write books about my ideas, these people should be ID'd and put up for trial in the future, my work and all the money is easy to find. I'm hoping pressure can be put on these people to stop what they are doing. This has to stop, we want the Temporal age not the Mind control age. I intend to fight for it. This battery intends to have a shock in store for his persecutors. Damion

'Free minds,Free thoughts,Free autistics'

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