Saturday, 20 August 2016

Important update


Teresa may has been having me tortured pretty bad. They are spiking me with nerve toxin and a new retarding/ intelect damaging drug. Can't read the writing on my iPhone properly. They have a constant stream of bad guys in to torture me expecting me to fix them as I'm the only one which can. I do try to help the ones who seem like they...who seem like good people deep down. I try to help all of them but it isn't easy when they torture you.  Things are pretty bad, I collapsed having a fit, I think from the intelect damaging drug that was comming into my system. They have been dragging me to sto me writing this post, they have been trying to dupe the world saying my ideas and abilities are theirs. To quote an mi6 agent 'you would have thought they'd have worked it out by now' in regard to this.

Something the world should know.... I recently developed an ability to learn the frequency of people's EMS and all their nets. This is copying people's nets, this could end the trade in the nets of the rich and famous and us autistics. Please acquire this ability, I think it's going to help the world adapt, it will also be very useful in hypnotic crime/ to a forensic hypnologist.

And... I recently developed the ability to trigger all programming done to an individual. This is very useful to the world. You do it by holding someone's frequencies in place, after a few seconds the last program implanted will trigger, if you hold the frequency in place the next will trigger then the next ect ect.

Another thing the world should know... You cannot take away the theta reversion therapy from someone without doing damage, it becomes ineffective. Younger was taking away this therapy as punishment to his agents as both a way to punish his agents and do his experiments. I now have a friend who's in need of some help because of this, I need to get down to work with this one as soon as I can, I'm not going to leave a girl in distress now am I.

MI6 distributed these abilities ( not the theta one) for personal gain saying they developed them, they did this to put spin on them recently distributing a technique that has caused a lot of suggering,

And also... MI6 are exited, it seems like im reprocessing pain they have tortured me for that long.

It's now 820 am, they have given me an intelect damaging drug now. Can't think

It is 835am, they have given me some serious 'stupid' drug, I'm saying the wrong words.

The day after... I've finally got my post fit to read. Damion

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