Friday, 12 August 2016

Temporal accelerator upgrade- shiny (shining) matter (for Russia)

Well done America and China, I've head you have had successful phase inducer and field compression experiments. I thought I'd help out with the next step...

I think we put some matter in our temporal accelerator, accelerate it to a gravitational warp potential, then we increase the HZ up to a 20D potential, we need to get the phase increase right, I'm thinking it will be proportional, as long as our warp field doesn't collapse I think this may create 20D matter. The phase increase may be an increase from
4D oscillation to to 20D within the 0.25 sec phase of the lower field.

Wait... What is the warp harmonic of photons circling in protons neutrons and electrons? Not their atomic shells, they are at 4HZ, the smaller circles of photons that make up the actual neutrons ect. The energy on a smaller scale goes round in little circles, I think it works this way at least. I think they oscillate at a higher dimensional HZ. We might need to accelerate matter to this warp harmonic then field compress it with our phase inducers to create shiny matter.


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