Friday, 29 July 2016


The government is hitting me pretty hard at the moment, they've given me mind damaging drugs, it feels like it's effecting bets waves/ the frontal lobe, I feel like I can't concentrate and keep making little mistakes in my diagrams. They've been spiking me with what seems like anthrax again, I can only walk a couple of hundred meters then I need to sit down, my tummy feels like it's not producing acid and I am getting funny tasting burps, also my eyes feel more sunk in, all these symptoms are the same as when they were spiking me with anthrax. They have been having their agents with the disease come in one by one, a few a day; to torture me in different ways. Can hardly see to write this post, all the letters are fuzzy, it's pretty bad. They keep comming in my room most nights still. They are trying to desynchronise my nets:mind, trying to segregate it so I can't think properly, I think this is to stop me recovering from the lobotomy like attack the other day. They are hitting me pretty hard. Damion

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