Tuesday, 26 July 2016


I'm starting to feel a bit better from the frontal lobe damage. I keep getting told if I put things online I get tortured for a day. Problem is I write what's going on, so they have been torturing me constantly. 

I'd still give Teresa May a chance to do the right thing, I'd still try and form a working relationship with her government, she hasn't been in long. I know it will never happen but I wish she would come and meet me face to face, it would probably change things. What I want is a real job with government with hopes of working for the UN also, this and the government to work towards fixing what has happened.

Younger the head of MI6 was out to fight Teresa May when he thought she was going to help me. He's acting differently now. I got told the rapes would stop just after she came into office, her hand I'm lead to believe, but they continued, his hand I'm lead to believe.

I'm hardly temperamental if government think that, us autistics are actually know for staying the same, I just feel strongly about things like Nazis and will stand up to them, isn't that the same with all Britts? I care to solve problems, not cause them. 

Oh, and I'm happy for the UK to benefit from my warp core just not when it's committing genocide against me and my children and my race. It should pay its debts first. I guess I have to see what government does. Damion

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