Tuesday, 12 July 2016

MI5 have been back

MI5 were in my room the other night when I was spiked with the neuroleptics. I am under the impression they made another black male video of me being raped somehow. A female who desperately wants to get famous to screw up the world was there. Just a heads up for the world. As always I'd bite the bullet and tell the truth about any blackmail, you can't give into evil. The way I look at it is your gonna get some bumps and bruises fighting peadophiles and Nazis. There comming in again tonight, it's a pain I can't get protection for the night, it might be a rough one.

This is MI5&6's attempt at controlling the new PM, trying to make me seem like a threat. It's a new start with the government in 24hrs as I see it. I'm ready for it. I'm not going to let the bumbling Nazis ruin it, she needs to make big changes to both MI5 and MI6. The heads both need to go but I've won over a third or more of the males along with all of the girls of MI6, they are all good shrinks.

I know what they are going to do; they will make out I'm a threat to the PM and that they have a plan, they will say they need just a bit of time, this is their window to reel her in and get her involved in the genocide ect. I'm hoping she sees through this, I really am. I'm in hope Damion

Important- MI5 has made a deal with someone for their survival, I'm hacking right now...

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