Sunday, 10 July 2016

Adding weight to an idea or two

I've thought that adding a weight at the center of the field in my warp field generator where the core of the field forms might be useful. We could use emreon or the like to make it super heavy.

For America...
What would happen if we made some wire the shape of a warp field then run electric around it? It's cycle would be less than one second though. Take this into account, be very careful. It might be an innocent experiment or it could be dangerous, we can't be 100% sure. Is there a way to make the flow of electric fit with warp harmonics? Like diocillating the entire wire/manifold. What I'm trying to do is move other energies at a warp fields harmonics.

For Europe...
The four to four joint I just sent you is a good poly rec in itself. If you have problems with atoms crossing over read my next post, it will explain what will happen in the pollyrec. Be careful as always with my experiments. Treat it as like you would do nuclear fission until you are sure it's safe.


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