Thursday, 14 July 2016


The have removed primary nets, keep sleeping all the time, hard to think.

MI6 keep sending fake NLP programs to the government, these are recordings of what's happening programmed into someone mind.  They are trying to make me out to be unstable and a threat to government. Government need to know this. I'm getting constant EMT and irritation feelings held in place to try make me out to be a threat also.

I have had a government agent in who MI6 have control of/bought. It's their attempt to overpower the psychiatrists and scientists I've won over in government, the new PM needs to know this also.

I should get better from the nets been removed but it looks like mI6 want to stop me doing my work. They say it will be a few months. Damion

I hope the new PM helps, a working relationship is a necessity as I see it. Damion

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