Friday, 29 July 2016

The Tibetan group have been back

The Tibetans whi work for the deli llama have been back, well one of them. I still can't believe what they do to my children, they have something wrong with them. I have found out a number of my children are in Germany, getting abused there. I hope the Germans help my children, my children are European citizens after all. I really want them with me. This Tibetan usually EMTs with me against my will while I work as pointless as it is, I can work or I can fight but I can't do both I've found, I've explained this is pointless to him but he won't listen. He actually thinks he can...he wants to think like me, even though his mind isn't suited to it, he wants to out do me more than anything, rather than to learn from me. People like him don't want us autistics, they want what we can do for themselves. His mentality is dangerous. He tries to steal my ideas. He was claiming to have come up with some elemental engeneering idea I was working on because I needed sleep and he stayed up after a night of monitoring me working, he just blatently was claiming my work to be his. I was worried about the Emporors polly recursive sword, I worked out it could actually cut through the handle and therefore the wielded hand or worse, I think he claimed he worked this out. The first thing I said to him when I heard the Emporors had a sword like that a few months ago was he shouldn't use it, it's dangerous, I was a bit worried. 

This guy is not like Blossom, Hiro, Bruce or Liu, not at all. He does not display the wisdom or manors I would expect from someone from the east. I worry about him spreading lies about me. He is obsessed with making me out to be a racist, properly obsessed, he's painfully obvious in his tactics, it's kind of insulting, he goes on about me being a racist constantly. I must admit there are pressures on me, plenty of their number have murdered, raped and abused my children, I look at these people as scum but I won't let it effect my view of the Tibetan people. Me and some friends agree there are not many people who wouldn't be at least moderately racist in the situation I'm in, I try and rise about it....I listen to my reason and logic.

Can my friends in the east please be aware this individual has lied to you a lot about me.  It's a pity we can't talk directly, I'd care to make a good impression, I'd care for you to get to know who I am rather than just hear lies about me. Damion /bows

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