Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Some ideas from my note book...

I have come up with a new phased induced warp core idea that I've been lead to believe will work. I'll put my diagram online in the future. 

This idea might work for you guys since my last was off by a few degrees...
Dammit, the bottom bonds of the compound would have to be different. I know this compound won't work but the idea of using a frame might. That's why I've put it up. You can easily adapt the compound to have just one iron in the top and bottom if that's useful. 

Here's an idea for South America...

Please try see I get to know if my ideas don't work out so I can come up with more for you. I'm thinking of trying to gift some ideas to places I've forgot or that I'm unsure of the impact like Iran and North Korea. I'd happily gift my ideas if I can meet two conditions- if it promotes stability and if it promotes the world working together. Please excuse me for not knowing as much about world affairs as I should, I'm a bit short handed when it comes to advisers. 

If there is any countrys out there that would like me to exchange my tech and ideas for the two things I stated above please send my blog a hit or two in the next week so I know.


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