Sunday, 24 July 2016

Teresa sleep Deping me

Teresa is having me sleep dep'd to torture me. Had no sleep at all. They keep holding me in a hypnotic state and telling me I've had sleep. They say they've sold on my old ideas to my friends out there to get them to not put pressure on the UK to stop this. I don't know if it's true or not, they did say they'll be pissed when they realise I put all my good ideas online. All my big ideas I put online. They have been working on my dr. Ditty program recently, it's an educational program based on the board game 'guess who' , it is an old idea for an educational game government sold to someone, I've built on it recently and think it could be made into a very advanced adulation so tool.

Some of the concepts are-

3D environment for the child to explore

You can zoom in to get to the cellular 

Zoom in further to get to the atomic

You zoom out to see planets, galaxy's ect

Names should be on everything

You click names to get a basic explanation and to go to a sub menu containing the different areas of learning for that subject.

Dr. Ditty should talk to you and show in real time what it's explaining

Dr. Ditty should talk and use writing and images to explain him/herself

A list of commands- 'what's this' to bring for a basic explanation and to bring up the sub menu, 'explain' to immediately explain the last thing dr. Ditty said. 'tell me more' to expand on a subject, 'I don't understand' to simplify.

Audio, written

A library to acsess books

Too tired to write, need to try get some sleep again, I'll finish this post tomorrow.

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