Wednesday, 6 July 2016


I was spiked with neuroleptics last night, its David Cameron's retaliation for my warp core ideas. They run out of all the regular neuroleptics but found a list of two hundred neuroleptics that are used to teach people how not to make drugs. They are using these, they don't know the effects it seems as some had a stimulant property. I feel OK, its not like last time. David Cameron wants to lash out at everyone it seems. They have some sort of plan though, I found that out.

I have had members of the pedophile ring come in saying they burnt one of my children to death, they showed me a body net. They say they have ten of my children and will do the same to them, this is because they think I'm going to get out of this. There are my children and plenty of other children who need saving on that gypsy site, its described as hell on earth. Damion

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