Friday, 8 July 2016

Important update

They have spiked me with neroleptics again, a whole host of the 200 they have, maybe 5 or ten types. A lot has been going on, the Tibetans are still here. I've found they have been lying to the Chienese about me which is important info, they seemed in a rush to get some info out after I found this out this morning. The Tibetan says under Tiberan law they can kill my children , they are using even the males as battery children to get 'clean' brain waves, I hacked. I hacked the deli lama is doing this believe it or not, it explains a lot, doing this will send you scatty/mad, this will explain his behaviour towards me. I advised a suppression therapy should hel. 
I hacked out of MI6 an Eastern European country has been doing the planning/ tactics for the peadophile ring, it was there plan to bring the baby in my room, they have also given them a lot of money in exchange for advanced abilities  they have tried to make it out China are behind this but that's what they want me to believe, I don't believe this as I have only brought good things to China, I want to keep good relations with China and the rest of the world. I need to put more down about warp field engineering but I'm too inebriated from the drugging, I'm still intelectually intact though, just be careful everyone, treat a warp core like it was nuclear. Damion 

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