Monday, 18 July 2016

The Prime Ministers decision

It looks like the Prime Minisrer has made her decision. She was informed about me and my situation soon after comming into office, my view was it was a new start for me with government, unfortunately the torture and abuse continues. I have conservative psychiatrists in at the moment, from the part of government that changes, people like this have been comming into my conscious net for a while. The Prime Minister I have been told from a reliable source wants stability, unfortunately stability means keeping in place people who have committed genocide and torture us autistics along with other members of the British public, What we need is change, we need good old fashioned British battle axe to lead our country, someone who won't tolerate this happening. I'm still hoping she does the right thing.

Since the new  Prime Minister came into office I've been raped at least once and sexually on more than one occasion. The rape nearly killed me I think, my spine was at a right angle inwards when I woke up, this might tell you if I have a broken back or not, I know it's dangerous, They drugged me with the Theta neuroleptic again today, I have to hold my iPhone seven inches away from my face to type. They have been doing the full body pain torture. 

The psychiatrists from government are stealing my ideas on psychology. They have been getting my work passed on to them for years. MI6 sell my ideas on to other psychiatrists as well, they have memories of getting the ideas suppressed and memories of comming up with the ideas implanted, the guy from government just said they should have this done. I hacked these guys from the conservative government have operations set up like what MI6 do experimenting on individuals but I don't know the extent of it. One of them wrote a book on children's psychology that apparently was like an epiphany,, the book was obviously got from abusing children with hypnosis. Some of my stolen work includes- 'vertical association' the way the mind changes an idea/input into a concept into the symbolic into a thought/the organisational. 'A cure for bad guy syndrome' I'm not sure if they stole this one though as foriegn agents have seen me applying aspects of it. 'The nature of traumas' I worked out trauma are there to teach us an important lesson. 'A cure for conflicts' you bring the conflict to mind then simply sync the individual. 'A cure for peadophillia' based on the fact I realised deep down they don't want to be one. There are countless other ideas I've come up with that aren't comming to  mind at the moment.

They keep stealing my primary nets, younger was charging psychiatrists and opeople government to EMT with me recently.

The guy from government kept saying they should kill me for writing this post

They just tried Killing me by manipulating the muscles in my back.

Just woke up, it's an hour later, they drugged me. They are messing with my back. Need sleep, I hope the Prime Minister changes things, Damion

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