Monday, 3 October 2016

Update- Baby farms in the uk

The U.K. Government has been closing down the baby farms here in the uk, they are farms of my babies and some from other autistics like Gareth Williams, I think they murdered my children unless there has been a swarm of adoptions recently. I hope the world finds out about these abominations. One story I heard- There are row after row of babies with usually one female prisoner who only gets fed if she feeds them. The police found it but suppressed their memories of it, to quote an mi6 agent 'they knew what it was'. MI6 made a deal with the criminal underworld it's meant to police to create things like this and supply them semen if they got preferential treatment with regard to and advancements the criminals made.

General update- They are trying a personality change experiment, they put me in pain constantly with programming this morning, with an Ideocentric recursive program of half my spine in place. I fear more attacks, they keep trying to learn something I call temporal reality perception (long story) but are failing, it's proved to be impossible, this is a different kind of ability. Damion

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